Madeley Centre Grounds get a makeover!

NCS YMCA NORTH STAFFS & Madeley Tidy Group clear the roundabout area!


Over the last couple of days, the NCS YMCA NORTH STAFFS and Madeley Tidy Group have worked their socks off clearing the roundabout area of the Madeley Centre grounds. The area had previously been quite a jungle of weeds and self-planted shrubs and was starting to block out the view of the centre. Thanks to all the hard work and effort, these guys have made a clear circle of ground ready for the next stage of planting.

DSC_0002When they started it seemed an impossible task to remove all the weeds, plants and membrane from the area, but very quickly it became obvious that no job was too big for this team! Fuelled by sandwiches and drinks from the Just Jane cafe, the youngsters were soon knee-deep in the undergrowth and hacking away at the plastic sheeting that lay underneath.

By the end of the first day, the area was already looking a lot better, and weather permitting it was looking good for day two.

By 2pm on Wednesday the area was cleared and with expert help and supervision from Chris Wright of the Madeley Tidy Group, the remaining hedges were given a trim to smarten up the remaining part of the roundabout.

DSC_0005The work done by everyone involved has smartened up the grounds massively. The Madeley Tidy Group have worked tirelessly on the car park area to remove as many of the weeds as possible and clear the access between the rows of cars. This was back-breaking work as it involved kneeling and pulling up stubborn weeds but the whole area is looking a lot tidier as a result.
This is just phase one of smartening up the Centre, but with the promise of more help in the future from the NCS team and the opportunity for local volunteers to get involved, the Madeley Centre will soon have beautiful grounds we can all be proud of as a community!