We are always on the look out for new activities at the Centre. Our aim is to provide things that appeal to all sections of the community. We are currently on the look out for people who can organise activities in the following areas:


We are looking to expand the range of after school and early evening activities that will interest children and young people – and that can perhaps extend for longer periods in school holidays.

Our Children’s Centre, which is ideal for such activities, can be hired for as little as £8 an hour.

Suitable activities might include:

  • Getting more from your computer: social networking apps, creating apps for mobile phones etc.
  • Hobby clubs: chess, table tennis, young ornithology/natural history/environment etc.

If you have an idea for something that would appeal to children and young people, and add to the range of things that we already offer, please contact us.


We are trying to develop the Madeley Centre as a musical hub for singing, learning instruments and performance of live music.

We are looking for talented and enthusiastic musicians who will lead musical activities on a group basis. We would like add to our existing successful choirs the opportunity for people of all ages to come together to make music, and learn and improve their skills in the process:

  • guitar and strings
  • brass band
  • wind band
  • recorder and/or ukulele groups

We would encourage:

  • players and local teachers to come along and give introductory talks to promote the playing of specific instruments.
  • “Come Along and Try” Events.
  • Guidance sessions on how to go about purchasing/hiring instruments.
  • Sessions that introduce children and adults to the delights of music making and to particular types of music.
  • Master classes to advise students/performers on how to improve their performance.
  • Opportunities to play chamber music.
  • Music Theory Lessons for those taking Grade 5 theory to take the Grade 6 instrumental exam, and those who require Grade 8 theory for entry to Higher Education.
  • Lessons on how to read and understand written music.

We would like to set up a Saturday morning Music Hub, if we can get a critical minimum number of activities operating at the same time. The Madeley Centre is ideal for these activities. For parents waiting  there are refreshments, toilets, local shops for papers, nice local walks around Madeley Pool, on the local 85 bus route. I should like to thank Fiona Tusk, a Madeley Cello Teacher, for making the above suggestions.