let 'er rip 2016 Nathan and Me competing Europeans 2016 - cha cha winning pro-am with Nathan 2016

May we offer huge congratulations to Joyce Plaskett on her outstanding achievements on winning THREE dance trophies at a recent European Championship event. Joyce runs classes at The Centre every Tuesday & Wednesday. Call her on 01630 654069 or 07951 833251 for more details.


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We had two great nights of Halloween activities. Be afraid, be very afraid!

DSC06583  DSC06613 DSC06617 DSC06630 DSC06637

A few images from the wonderful Beardsmith concert which took place on January 18th. They will be back later in the year and should not be missed!



A few images from this month’s great art wall.


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The Monument rededication on November 11th, 2014


Henrietta Hippo OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Luke 3 The Stillness of a Summer Evening Christina

Images from out Earth Partners Art Exhibition from July 9th to August 8th



Images from our very popular first ever Beer Festival which took place on June 20-22. Look out for next years event!




Madeley High School art students launch an exhibition of their mock exam work on the ‘Art Wall’ at the Centre on March 11th 2014.

Madeley Centre Opening Event


Madeley Centre Environmental Features